WAVR BSN technology is primarily targeting areas where the benefit of real time measurements and feedback has a direct impact on the user.

  • OHS Occupational Health and Safety

    • Work related disorder prevention

    • Realtime Mobile Motion Analysis of Angular Motion/Velocity, Geometric Motion with Multisensor connectivity.

    • Incident Reporting - Automatic Accident/Incident/Assault.

  • AER Automated Emergency Response

    • Automatic monitoring and alarm in
    suspected malicious situations

    • Reduced response time in communication
    field staff and assistance

    • Real-time information from staff in the field

    • Automatic alarm even if the person is unable to alarm

    • Reduced response time on incidents such as: accidents, falls, illnesses (heartattach, stroke)

  • Purpose of BSN Technology

    Ultimate purpose of the technology is get a high end tool for capturing all events a body is exposed to. The capacity of understanding and analyzing biomechanical motion at any given point in what ever context lays the groundwork to get a very good image of what affects the human body.

    Through quantative measuring movement patterns better decisions can be made to improve work environments, reduce harmful movements and in general terms understand what affects us most.

  • Benefits

    • Quantitative analysis of how to comply with the requirement to avoid risk behavior.

    • Data that ultimately contributes to improving work ergonomics and risk minimization

    • Provides conditions for reduced sickness absence due to increased prevention of injuries.

    • The system with the help of an app can also provide direct feedback on whether you exceed the limit values for wear and tear injuries, which today is relatively abstract to take in practice.

  • Included in system solution

    • Sensors and wiring to be integrated with different types of garments

    • The end-user monitoring app including motion analysis

    • Admin and monitoring interface for operational management on eg a workplace and cloudbased datamanagement with integrated artificial intelligence

  • Other areas of application

    WAVR BSN Platform is available for use in a variety of fields requiring realtime mobile movement and motion analysis where relational angular motion is essential. Animals such as horses or dogs can be outfitted to monitor their movements outside a laboratry. Machinery and robotics are other areas where monitoring of relative independent parts can be applicable.

    Using Artificial intelligence with self learning capacity solutions analyzing whether or not a individual is showing tendencies to become ill (Stroke, Parkinssons, Fatigue) in preventive healthcare are also potential areas of application.

    Rehabilitation can be monitored by physiotherapists from anywhere on a distance.