We develop and deliver high end solutions for mobile body telemetry supported by artificial intelligence

Every idea and groundbreaking leap that changes our world starts with the passion of talented creators. We are passionate about what is possible in this world, and AR, VR, CV and AI are technologies that truly lets us push those boundaries. We do this through a deep commitment to R&D, a culture of constant innovation and curiosity, and a focus on efficient use of hardware to deliver the best possible user experience.


WAVR works with Arbetsmiljömedicin i Lund (Region Skåne) for validation of measurements and methodology to improve work related disorders and is WAVR's first customer. Arbetsmiljömedicin is responsible for Swedish Work Environments General Guidelines.

Furthermore WAVR collaborates with Atacac AB to build prototypes of garments and manufacturing smaller series of garments and with Qualisys AB for accuracy validation and integration into Qualisys QTM solution. Qualisys AB is also a potential customer and a distribution partner.

WAVR is sponsored by Vinnova. Swedish Innovation Agency

WAVR is working with ALMI Företagspartner for innovation funding

WAVR is part of Automation Region

Management / Board of Directors

WaVR's board of directors comes from various industries with years of upper management experience from all over the world thus the crossfit for WaVR is a genuin rock solid!

All our directors have experience of IPO's and listed companies. Ultimately this is a target goal for WaVR as well which we are looking forward to within due time.

Investment relations

Stay tuned for more detailed information as this section is under development.