The BSN Platform

An innovative platform for mobile biomechanical telemetry integrated with artificial intelligence

  • WAVR have developed a technology for communicating how a body biomechanically is moving and with assistance of artificial intelligence analyze what kind motion a body experiences in real time, not just the movement of the entire body.

    The system is called WAVR Body Sensor Network (BSN).

    Real time, mobility and interpreting motion is key to the platform.

  • The multiple sensors in our BSN system communicates and enhances the accuracy of the system through advanced mathematical algorithms.

    The system is an open solution which can easily be refitted in different configurations for a variety av measurements.

    Sensors such as environmental and biosensors are also available as option.

  • We are also developing BSN based body telemetry cloud services, to allow easy access for the users to view, compute and download their data no matter where the data is collected or to be analyzed.

    Combining and integrating multiple point measurements of direction, movement and acceleration to create, through AI processing, a reliable interpretation not only body movements but potentially also of local external factors such as gases, radioactivity, temperature, humidity etc affecting the individual over time and as a snapshot.